Why choose Hughes Satellite Broadband Internet for Businesss?

Look to the Leader.

HughesNet has a rich heritage of providing secure and reliable satellite Internet services to both businesses and government, so you are assured of fast, reliable service capable of serving even the most mission-critical needs. HughesNet Internet for Business is brought to you by HUGHES®, the leading provider of broadband satellite network solutions for consumers, businesses and government in India & worldwide.

For over 12 years, Hughes has delivered satellite products and services in India, with more than 20,000 systems installed in different Verticals Viz Manufacturing, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Pharma Sector, Factories etc. Hughes pioneered the development of high-speed satellite Internet services, which it markets globally under the HughesNet brand.

HughesNet High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet: A Good Fit?

Are you looking for a high-speed solution for several of your employees?
Do you need to send or receive large files frequently?

See below to learn more about which applications perform well over satellite and what you should know in order to ensure that the HughesNet® service broadband plan you select will be the best fit for your business. Please refer to the note on applications for the same.

HughesNet Internet for Business over satellite now offer even faster upload and download speeds and offers a wide variety of broadband plans.

Flexi Time INET

These broadband plans have been designed for users who have their daily usage spread across Day (8AM – 8PM), Evening (8PM – 11PM) and Night (11PM – 8AM).

The Evening and Night usage (monthly cumulative) are discounted by 50% and 25% respectively. This means subscribers can use more during Evening and Night times and avail of the benefits.

Subscribers, who have daily routine downloads like Anti Virus updates, Operating System patch updates, Windows Updates, Security updates etc. can schedule such routine daily / frequent downloads for during Night Time. This will give them a dual benefit of getting better speed during Day time for their business transactions and pay less for the heavy routine daily downloads.

For more details about HughesNet Satellite Broadband Internet Connection & Broadband Plans,
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Pay Per Use

This is a 1Mbps service plan which are meant for users who want to pay as per their usage. The fixed monthly rental does not include any GB packs and the subscribers will pay the charges as per the actual usage in a month.

These broadband plans would be very useful for businesses who are looking at backup to their existing unreliable broadband service.

For more details about HughesNet Satellite Broadband Internet Connection & Broadband Plans, please refer to the Broadband Plans (mentioned below) or Contact Us for more details.

OPEN Plans

Available under Regular IVPN and INET and Flexi Time service plans

Open : The subscribers in these broadband plans have the flexibility to terminate the service contract at any point of time by giving 1 months’ notice in writing.
Committed : The subscribers in these broadband plans would have to give commitment in multiples of 3/6/12 months.

The committed plan subscribers get an advantage of better support and lower monthly tariff. In addition various attractive campaigns are available for new subscribers planning to opt for the Committed Plans

No refund would be given, for no reason whatsoever for the committed period, under this broadband plan. No downgrade of service or changeover to open plan within the committed period would be allowed.

For more details about HughesNet Satellite Broadband Internet Connection & Broadband Plans, please refer to the

Note : Applicable to all the HughesNet Service Plans
Performance of any computer application shall depend on various factors like number of users, local LAN configuration, local firewall settings, availability of internet/backhaul bandwidth at central customer location, load on the application server, configuration and deployment of the application etc. and various other factors, which are entirely beyond Hughes Net’s control. Hence no fitness of purpose is guaranteed for any application performance.

However, high-speed Broadband Internet by satellite service is still not recommended for type of applications as listed below.
Therefore, we do not recommend the following applications for use over HughesNet (With the Present Published Service Plans –
Internet Plans).