Hughes Broadband for Business is a professional broadband Internet service from Hughes Communications India, India’s leading Network and Satellite Broadband Internet Service Provider whose services span all aspects of broadband technology and network solutions.

Hughes has a long and lasting relationship with India. After the opening up of the Indian economy in 1992, Hughes was among the first companies to invest in India in software and communications sectors and has since established several successful companies.

To meet the rapidly increasing demand for High-Speed bandwidth in India, HughesNet has introduced specially designed Broadband for Business services which are tailor-made to help SMEs boost business productivity with the help of glitch-free super fast communication and data transfer capability, regardless of their geographical location in India.

The Technological Advantage

Hughes Communications India backs up its connectivity solutions with state-of-art Data Centre and Disaster recovery offerings. It offers a controlled environment for storing and preserving vital customer data at any one or more of its 3 data centre premises.
This chain of excellence is completed by proactive monitoring and management of customers’ links and devices supported by real time on-line access to ones own network through the ‘Customer Central Portal’. In depth analysis of system generated reports enable Hughes Communications India to optimize customer network resources ensuring smooth running of mission critical components.
Hughes Communications India has implemented diverse applications like ERP, Messaging, Supply Chain management, ATMs, File Broadcast/Multicast.
Hughes Communications India has set up dedicated Hubs for Multiple Service Providers in India e.g. ERNET, NIC, Bombay Stock Exchange, WBSEB, HVNet, Edusat.

The Leadership Advantage

  • Largest Shared hub service in Asia Pacific, servicing over 30000 sites. Our network of 4 regional support offices and 18 territories ensures prompt service to all locations (more than 30000 VSATS across 2000 locations in India).
  • Ranked “Top VSAT Operator” in India – Voice & Data. Hughes Communications India is the only VSAT manufacturer to provide services in India.
  • Serving to corporate subscribers covering the entire spectrum of industry like Manufacturing & Distribution, Finance & Banking, Telecom, Press, Stock Exchanges.
  • Leading Wide Area Network (WAN) service provider using satellite and terrestrial communication technology. It services more than 300 enterprises.
  • Leader in key segments like FM Radio, Digital Cinema, Lottery, GSM, Retail

"Hughes India's strategy has always been amongst the most innovative in the world."

-Comsys VSAT Report