Why Satellite Broadband Internet Service is miles ahead of Dial-up

Dial-up connection versus satellite broadband internet service , which one of the internet service should you go for?Satellite Internet : Top Satellite Broadband Internet providers in India

This is a no contest if we reword the question.

Which speed to go for - 128 Kbps of speed at the max or download speeds of upto 1 Mbps?

Yes, unlike a dial-up connection or a traditional leased line (narrow-band), which are limited to 128 Kbps of speed at the maximum, satellite broadband internet touches powerfully fast speeds that make surfing and downloading an effortless experience.

Besides whole lot of problems which come attached with dial up connection like dial-up delays or dropped connections are non existent with satellite broadband internet connection.

Simply put; satellite broadband internet service allows you to obtain information from the Internet with increased ease and speed, allowing for rapid downloading of data.

With HughesNet® SME Broadband for Business superfast satellite internet service, you and your employees can gain instant access to high-speed broadband anywhere in India, even in the remotest of locations through vsat based Satellite Internet.

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Why HughesNet®Satellite Broadband

With HughesNet® Satellite Broadband you call the shots!

With HughesNet® Satellite Broadband, your super-fast, always on connection is ready when you are - no dialing in, no waiting!

So you can upload and download files in seconds, network multiple computers, send and receive emails and surf faster than you ever imagined. Because HughesNet gives you instant Internet access via satellite, it won't tie up your phone lines like dial-up.

Best of all, with no software to load and compatibility with Windows and Mac, HughesNet Satellite Broadband makes getting online anywhere in India easy through its trail blazing broadband internet service through Satellite!

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Give your business the HughesNet® Advantage

The HughesNet® SME Broadband for Business always-on satellite internet connection increases your business productivity by giving you instant access to the business-critical information you need-without the delay of dialing in or the slow response of low-speed dial-up connections.

By subscribing to our cutting-edge satellite broadband internet service, you get HCIL's technological and leadership advantage to help you take your business to the next level.

And since HughesNet Satellite Broadband delivers high-speed Internet over satellite-not over your telephone line-you can work online and have your phone or fax line free for customer communications.

Built for growing businesses like yours, with download speeds reaching upto 1 Mbps, HughesNet Satellite Broadband internet allows multiple employees fast access to the Internet simultaneously.

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