VSAT Technology powered HughesNet Broadband for Business
Hughes Communications India Ltd. (HCIL) India’s leading network and vsat based satellite broadband Internet service provider brings you a unique business opportunity in the form of HughesNet®SME Broadband for Business - a high-speed, always-on (vsat based) connection for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to help them enhance communication and boost business productivity.

HughesNet Broadband for business – Powered by Satellite (VSAT) Technology

VSAT technology, VSAT based communication and Vsat based Broadband InternetIn Today’s scenario, mission critical business application and day to day business activity require real time information and any delay in communicating that information can make it redundant, leading to lost opportunities and even business losses. We understand the importance of reliable connectivity to your business. Hence more and more small and medium businesses are deploying state-of-the-art and highly reliable, business grade internet/broadband technologies for their connectivity requirements.

Satellite (VSAT) technology inherently provides very high reliability to the user and can be made available virtually anywhere in the country. Broadband over Satellite (VSAT) can deliver speeds ranging from 256Kbps to 2Mbps.

Recognizing the need of a reliable, flexible and fast deployed connectivity solution, Hughes offers a highly reliable and ‘always on’ VSAT satellite technology for small and medium scale enterprises. This service has been designed by keeping in mind the needs of the businesses – uninterrupted service and high reliability and availability almost anywhere in the country.

Such technology is essential for many small and medium businesses as they need to take critical, real time decisions wherever they are located, even in remotest part of India, where terrestrial connectivity is either not available or if available, not reliable.

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Key Features of HughesNet Satellite (VSAT based) Broadband / Internet services are as follows:
· 15 days activations at remotest of location (T&C apply)
· Wide usage choice option
· Highly reliable and adopted by 1,000+ Large, Small and Medium Enterprises
· 24X7 telephonic helpline support

Comparison chart : HughesNet Satellite (VSAT) Broadband / Internet vs Leased Lines, Dial Up, Cables and DSL services. HughesNet Satellite (VSAT) Broadband / Internet scores higher on all the following parameters:

Parameter Leased Lines, Dial Up, Cables, DSL VSAT
Availability Only in select cities of India where the infrastructure need to be there. Anywhere in India
Services are provided through satellite whose footprint covers almost all parts of India (Except for Andaman Nicobar and Lakshwadeep islands)
Reliability Prone to interruptions
Multiple potential points of failure which can hamper smooth functioning of the business.
Highly reliable as its using VSAT technology which is based on satellite and the entire network is centrally managed from one place.
Installation and Relocation Not scalable, time consuming
Wiring, setting up nodes, etc are time consuming and difficult processes. Relocation / Shifting becomes difficult.
Quick and simple
VSAT technology is completely free of wired infrastructure and there is no dependence for service. Quick installation and easy relocation
Complaint / Fault Resolution Fault resolution may vary from relaying of copper at the customer premises to fault resolution in the local exchange. Efficient and Effective 24X7 telephonic helpline support, ensures fast trouble shooting of any service issue. On Field support through the network of business partners. No local cabling / exchange issues
Flexibility Limited
Fixed infrastructure for a limited range of bandwidth. If one wants installation in new area, the service may not be available or the infrastructure may be stretched to the limit.
Easy and Inexpensive
Wide usage choice options, wide range of broadband service plan are available to choose from, No geographical limitation to provide the services


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Why HughesNet (VSAT based) Broadband for Business wins customers instantly

With HughesNet (VSAT based) “Broadband for Business” you will be able to provide Satellite Broadband Internet anywhere in India sans geographical boundaries backed by fabled name of HUGHES.

With HughesNet (VSAT based) “Broadband for Business” your customers will get

  • Unique Blend of Speed and Reliability
  • Defined Quality of Service
  • Business Class Service
  • 24 X 7 Helpdesk support
  • Centrally Managed Service
What you will need to become our Business Partner
  • A capital investment of Rs. 2-3 Lacs
  • A sales and technical support team for installation and maintenance
  • Some sales experience
Sign Up Now for a satellite internet connection that provides reliability , 24x7 help desk support, business grade service with wide range of flexible service plan options and features!

HughesNet Broadband (satellite based) Internet is available anywhere in India, even in the most remote locations.

Want to partner with us? Become a business partner and you get to offer our complete portfolio of products & services for an entire territory.

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